Why we need to Stand Up for Flagstaff

Flagstaff is growing and evolving. Our Zoning Code was developed by staff and citizens, and approved by officials in 2011, to apply smart growth principles to Flagstaff. Smart growth speaks to issues of livability. Form-based code, known as transect code, is a key part of the overall zoning code. 

It was recognized by the developers of the transect code that original, historic Flagstaff exhibits highly desirable character based on it’s development patterns, scale and form. The intention clearly stated in transect code regulations is that Flagstaff’s character be preserved as new and infill development occurs in the original, historic city. 

Our purpose is to promote an interpretation of Flagstaff’s Transect Zoning that establishes it as an consistent and effective tool to protect form and scale, and therefore character, in the original, historic neighborhoods.