What's the next step?

Our efforts to appeal the Hub were a huge learning experience. We're disappointed that it didn't work out as hoped, but now we're putting what we learned to work to Stand Up for Flagstaff's community character and protect it's historic neighborhoods.

In the 2016 election, Flagstaff chose new council members and a new mayor who understand the community's concerns about inappropriate development. This new council reported that the Hub was the number one campaign issue they’d encountered, and that addressing the zoning code is their priority. The new council directed planning staff to bring them recommendations for code changes that would cause our zoning code's standards to reflect its intent and to prevent another Hub. We will keep this issue on the front burner and work with the city to achieve this goal.

Stand Up for Flagstaff presented to city council our recommendations, which address key interpretation problems that led to city staff's approval of the Hub, and suggest how standards can be revised to reflect the community's intent. City staff's recommendations were presented to City Council on June 13. We emailed our comments on those recommendations to council. We will continue to work with staff to address the concerns we've heard from our supporters.

Public meetings will be scheduled later this summer to for you to comment on the recommended changes. We'll post those dates when they're available. We hope you can attend and provide your comments. If you sign on to our email list, we'll keep you informed with our analysis.