What we're doing now

Our efforts around the Hub were a huge learning experience. And now we are putting what we learned to work.

Stand Up for Flagstaff played a big role in bringing the issue of appropriate development forward. It turns out that many in our community had been watching recent new projects with concern, and they were ready to express that concern publicly. This coincided with an election where appropriate development and community character was reported as the #1 issue by the candidates. Across the board, the top vote-getters were those who shared the community's concern and said they would prioritize it.

In the first month of office, the newly-elected Mayor and Council discussed the community's understanding of the intention language of the zoning code and the development approval that seemed to contradict that understanding. They asked planning staff to bring forward code change recommendations that would address that disparity in favor of the code's intention language.

While waiting for those staff recommendations, Stand Up for Flagstaff submitted our recommendations based on everything we had learned in the 2-year process of fighting the Hub. 

The presentation of staff's recommendations is planned for the June 13 City Council meeting. The recommendations will probably be released 1-2 weeks before the scheduled discussion. We are looking forward to seeing those recommendations, and hoping that we can begin to come together, the public and city hall, to help preserve the character of Flagstaff and it's neighborhoods.