Community Character = Vision + Regulations

Flagstaff city residents treasure it's mountain village personality.

Flagstaff city residents treasure it's mountain village personality.

The main lesson learned from the Hub is that ambiguities in regulations can be exploited to build inappropriate projects in neighborhoods. City council asked for recommendations from the planning department that will take the public’s concerns to heart and square regulatory standards with regulatory intention. 

Stand Up for Flagstaff is working with elected officials and city staff to clarify those ambiguities in favor of community character—to ensure that these efforts will result in zoning code amendments that will prevent a future Hub-like development in any Flagstaff neighborhood. The proposed amendments will be presented to the public for their review and comments. These are short-term improvements that will help put development in Flagstaff on the right track. 

But more is needed.

City council has also budgeted for an outside urban design consultant to assist the city in an effort to review and improve all of Flagstaff’s plans and regulations. Stand Up for Flagstaff is working to ensure that these efforts result in a vision for Flagstaff that reflects the community’s vision of community character. Our goal is that all City Hall entities be fully committed to the ideals that the community has so articulately expressed in the last few years at public meetings, in hearings, and in the press.

Stand Up for Flagstaff’s research indicates that cities that stand up for community character attract creative developers who understand that the best projects result when they offer something positive to the community they seek to join. 

That is the reputation Flagstaff should have.