Standing Up for Thorpe Park

Over a hundred years ago Flagstaff voters had a visionary notion—to purchase 146 acres for “City Park.” That vision was affirmed by bond election in 1922 and what became Thorpe Park was dedicated by ordinance in 1957 forever to be used only for “park, recreational, and museum purposes". In June 2016, the community stepped forward to say once again that they want to keep this gem of Thorpe Park intact and available to the entire community.

The land in question had been commissioned for public works nearly 70 years ago, and is being retired from that purpose. The community has said overwhelmingly that they want to stick with the visionary plan their great, great, grandparents held for them. This link from Friends of Flagstaff's Future explains the situation clearly.

At the June 21 City Council meeting, a Council poll (not a formal vote) strongly favored retaining the public works yard as part of Thorpe Park. Council further directed staff to present other funding options to them for making up the projected shortfall (2.2 million) between the cost of the new yard and other identified funding sources already in place.

The Parks & Recreation Commission is beginning to talk about plans for the property once everything is moved out and the property is remediated. The commission's next meeting is Sept. 21st, at 4:00at the Aquaplex.

A future agenda item to discuss Thorpe Park and the steps needed to secure the park legally was accepted. When it is scheduled, it will be posted here.