Stand Up for Flagstaff supporters speak

We have over 335 supporters as of August 25, 2016. Here is a list of them. And here are some of their comments when they signed up:

When I first heard about this project, I supported it as good for student housing. Then when I heard about its size and lack of parking, I was concerned. Now I am appalled. Nothing in this project is good for Flagstaff.—Kay

The Hub is clearly too large and does not provide adequate parking and I have no idea how it passed the traffic study.—Elizabeth    

Responsible development is important and I thank you for being there to see to it.—Tom

I support the mission of Stand Up for Flagstaff!—Karen    

The hub simply does not follow the Transect Zoning Code.—Laura

I am for development but not in the manner the city is exercising—fast, cheaply made, way too tall. They show no respect for the viewscape or our cultural heritage. It's a total embarrassment what they are allowing.—Lisa    

Let's preserve what makes historic Flagstaff so appealing. The Hub will destroy that characteristic!—Erica

Thank you!!—Armando

Let me know how I can help—Cathy

THANK YOU—Juliana    

Thank you for all you are doing for our community. I live in the neighborhood and would love go do anything I can. Please keep me posted and let me know. Thank you.—Katie

Let me know how I can help. La Plaza Vieja is ready to help in any way possible. Thanks—Jesse

I would like to join because I support the goals of protecting form and scale in historic neighborhoods.—Jean        

It is sad that Flagstaff needs a group as specific as this but it reflects the necessity of citizen involvement in reigning in local government and outside developers. Your mission is sound and true, I stand with you. —Jason    

Keep me in the loop and let's do everything and anything we can to keep our neighborhoods cultural and appropriate to the community.—Adam    

Flagstaff is a unique and special place. It breaks my heart that big money and interests think they can come in and destroy all the things we love about this place.—Cindy    

I live in the Southside neighborhood, a mere two blocks from the proposed Hub site. I cannot understand how such a project has made it this far in a neighborhood where preserving historic charm and elevating local business is the way of life.—Maria    

How can this happen? It's so ridiculous! Did the sellers of the property have any idea what was going to be built?—Paula

I would like to stay informed of your progress and help out where needed.—Katie    

I support your mission and look forward to hearing what I can do to help.—Laura    

I appreciate all of the research and work that has been done to protect our historic neighborhoods.—Mary    

Thanks for this important effort. We look forward to being involved in the effort.—Dave and Jan    

I am new to Flagstaff, ready to start grad school, and as I look around I worry about the influence developers have in my new home.—Kim    

Something needs to be done about this monstrosity! So many issues with it.—Judy    

My family came here in 1904 and I am very concerned about what is happening to our town! Please contact me with any information on stopping the Hub!—Jannie

We support your efforts and believe city staff has failed to follow the guidance of the form based code.—Dean    

I don't have money to donate, but I am interested in volunteering in efforts to stop the hub.—Zoe        

We support your mission of preserving the character of the downtown Flagstaff neighborhood.—Elizabeth    

Thank you for supporting healthy growth and development in Flagstaff!—Emily    

The HUB does not belong in a historic area of Flagstaff. Big businesses should not be able to shape (buy) this small town and rob it of its character.—Laura        

Please protect our historic neighborhoods.—George

I support the effort to downsize the hub and increase parking.—Karen

The intent of the zoning code is clear. Interpreting the letter instead of the intent would be a disaster, first for our downtown where the Hub would be built, and secondly for our future, through the precedent of honoring loopholes over the wishes of the community.—Leslie    

We are against the hub coming into our neighborhood. We will not have a view of the San Francisco peaks anymore. Our neighborhood has been a friendly and quiet area.—Albert

I support Flagstaff resident's efforts to maintain the character of our city!—David

I support Stand Up For Flagstaff.—Jean    

Thank you for all you're doing to stand up for proper and thoughtful development.—Eli

I stand up for Flagstaff!—Constance

No more inappropriate growth, please.—Margaret

I support saving Flagstaff.—Jerry

I am a south side owner. No HUB!—Ann

No Hub downtown!—Jayne

We support Stand Up for Flagstaff—Norm and Lina

Please fight the fight!—Ginger

We need to protect this historic neighborhood...and stop this unappealing development.—Michael

We need to fight to keep the Flagstaff we love from becoming over-run and losing it's historic character!—Benita

Excellent explanation of the concerns about how such development al projects should not be handled.—Vera

Please add me to the list of supporters and keep me informed.—Ellen    

I am in favor of keeping historic Flagstaff neighborhoods intact by only allowing growth and changes that are consistent with the character of the neighborhoods. Allowing a 'big box' residential development is no different than allowing a 'big box' retail building.—Darcy    

As a part time resident of Flagstaff, thank you for all the work that you are doing to maintain the unique character of this city.—Nora