Stand Up for Flagstaff was formed by a citizen group that had coalesced in late 2015 to fight the giant Hub project in Flagstaff’s Southside on historic old Route 66. The name was an expression of the community’s reaction to the lack of attention and care that had allowed the Hub to get so far through the process that it seemed inevitable.

Our first efforts were to either dramatically change the form of the Hub, or to halt it and force it back through the process. Through this effort, which included legal battles and community fundraising to support it, we came to realize that the process itself was not what we thought it was: the codes were untested, often ambiguous, and didn’t support the goals we thought it expressed. This made our city, and especially our central historic neighborhoods, vulnerable to development that came to exploit Flagstaff’s character rather than contribute to it.

While we were not successful in halting the project or reshaping it’s intrusive form, we have been very successful in preventing a project like the Hub from happening again. Our fight brought attention to the deficits and attitudes that allowed the Hub, and other non-contributing development, to happen.

The effort to strengthen Flagstaff’s policies and regulations so that they truly reflect the community’s vision is ongoing. But now it is no longer a David and Goliath battle: it is a largely collaborative effort that includes many allies formerly seen as adversaries.

Because the awareness and effort Stand Up for Flagstaff initiated has become more integrated into the system it previously fought, the board of directors has decided that it no longer needs to exist as a non-profit corporation. We continue as a network for sharing information and encouraging vigilance about ongoing efforts to improve Flagstaff’s development policies and regulations. We welcome your thoughts and involvement going forward.