Board of Adjustment Hearing

The Board of Adjustment will hear a motion on Wednesday August 3 in the City Council Chambers, by Stand Up for Flagstaff to continue (postpone) a hearing previously scheduled for Aug. 17 to hear an appeal of the City’s decision to approve the Hub 2 site plan.

The motion requests a continuance to consider several problems with procedural decisions. Briefly they are:

(1 An unfair lack of time for the appellants to review the complete record once the city has provided it;

(2 An unfair lack of time for the appellants to present their case at the hearing;

(3 An unfair amount of time allotted for involvement of the Hub developer, who is not named in this appeal;

(4 The unfair lack of aggregate time allowed for the public (15 minute comments are allowed for someone representing a group of 10 or more in all other public hearings but was not allowed for this one); and

(5 An unfair restriction on the use of media by the appellant which impairs their ability to present their argument, which will contain important visual elements (the developer and the city have been permitted to use media—their computers attached to the screens in the chambers while interested parties were not).

Please attend this hearing if you can. You may make a public comment. You may address the importance of fairness in these hearings. Take a tan card when you come in and fill it out if you wish to comment. Take a blue card if you wish to leave a written comment only. If you’re unable to come, you can write an email to Planning Director Dan Folke at who will deliver it to the Board members.

Remember, the Board of Adjustment, like all city boards, is a group of fellow citizens who have volunteered to help in the democratic process, and they are interested in information that sheds light on the decision they are responsible for making.

Read Stand Up for Flagstaff's appeal here.

Read the Motion for Continuance here.