Celebrating Our Accomplishments

Stand Up for Flagstaff was established a year ago. For a full year before, it was simply an active group of citizens who came together to challenge the approval of the giant Hub private dormitory in a historic neighborhood. While our ultimate goal was always to require the Hub to be redesigned to fit into the neighborhood before it was permitted, community action organized by Stand Up for Flagstaff has accomplished other, long-lasting benefits as well.

• Stand Up for Flagstaff helped raise the issue of appropriate development and preservation of community character as the single most important election issue in 2016.

• The community elected a new council who heard and responded to this community concern by initiating a review of the zoning code that will help prevent another Hub.

• In turn, city staff has begun reflecting citizen concerns with dedicated work on a high occupancy housing plan, as well as zoning code revisions.

These are important accomplishments which we hope you will celebrate with us.